Guyana: Executed man, Sean O’Brien Greene was wanted in Canada for Murder

As news broke of this morning’s execution styled murder of 37-year-old Sean O’Brien Greene, details are emerging that he was wanted in Canada for a murder that took place there back in September.
Greene reportedly escaped to Guyana after Canadian Police released surveillance video recordings of him leaving the scene of a murder in the company of two other men.
The two men, Lee Newelln and Christopher Small have since been charged for murder and Canadian Authorities have beens searching for Greene ever since.
On September 8, Canadian Police were called to a building on West Lodge Avenue, Toronto, where they found a man lying in the front driveway with serious injuries, and he was pronounced dead.

Investigators believe the man had fallen from a balcony after a fight. He was identified as Chad Day, 42, of Toronto.

According to City News, a few days later, Police arrested the two men for the murder and launched a search for the third.

That third man is believed to be Sean O’Brien Greene, who was gunned down in front of a Queenstown hotel in Georgetown early this morning by a lone gunman.

Eyewitnesses said the gunman stood over his body and shot him multiple times. More than 20 spent shells were recovered from the scene.

News Source understands that he had been previously deported from the United States, but was not on the Police radar locally.

According to friends, he has been keeping a relatively low profile since his return to Guyana and not too many persons were aware that he was wanted in Canada for murder.

The probe continues.