10 Foods To Try On Your Next Caribbean Visit

Caribbean Food

Anyone who has visited the Caribbean knows that the food and beverages there are  are like nothing they’ve ever tasted anywhere else.

From unique sweet treats found almost exclusively within the Caribbean region, to savoury dishes that several chefs the world over attempt to create replicas of, Caribbean food is certainly one of the best things about the region.

If you’re planning on visiting the Caribbean some time in the future, here are 10 foods you should definitely try before leaving.

1: From Jamaica: Jerk Chicken


Marinated with a very hot concoction dubbed “Jamaican Jerk Spice, this dish can be consumed by itself or as a side-dish on a plate containing items from other Jamaican dishes. You might want to have a cold drink nearby to help you cope with the heat.

2: From Barbados: Flying Fish

Like its name, this dish is cooked flying fish, prepared with salt, pepper and Bajan seasonings. The fish is either fried or steamed.


3: From Antigua: Ducana


Usually served with fish, this dish comprises sweet potatoes, coconut, pumpkin and cinnamon combined and cooked in a banana leaf.

4: From Grenada: Grenadian Oil Down


Not to be confused with Oil Down served in Trinidad and Tobago, this dish contains breadfruit, tumeric, dumplings, callaloo (taro leaves) and smoked herring or salted beef.

5: From St. Vincent: Kingfish wrapped in toasted coconut


Stewed and served in coconut that has been toasted, this dish can be served at any mealtime.

6: From Guyana: Pepperpot


If you happen to be visiting Guyana at a festive time such as Christmas or Easter, this is when you will most likely happen upon some pepperpot. A dish made of stewed meat (beef, pork or mutton), cassareep (a special Guyanese sauce made from the Cassava root) and Caribbean hot peppers, this dish is often served with home-made bread or white rice.

7: From Haiti: Poulet Aux Noix (chicken and cashew nuts)


Cashews and chicken are cooked in tomato sauce and garnished with onions or various types of Caribbean pepper.

8: From Trinidad and Tobago: Doubles

A popular street food/fast food, ‘Doubles’ (not to be confused with Roti, another curried dish) are basically curried chick peas garnished with cucumber slices, tucked inside a “bara,” which is a type of deep-fried, fluffy flat-bread. Satisfying when eaten at any time of day.

9: From Trinidad and Tobago: Pelau


A brown rice dish that includes raisins, chicken, sweet corn (optional) and brown pigeon peas, cooked in coconut milk. Can be served with sliced avocado. It might sound intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but trust me, your taste-buds will sing if you do.

10: From Trinidad and Tobago: Ponche De Crème


Okay, so this isn’t a food, but we had to throw some alcohol in there. If you like Bailey’s Irish Cream, you’ll love Ponche de Crème, but trust us, this stuff is ten times better than Baileys.

By: Danielle Dixon