10 Things You Need To Know When Dating a Caribbean Woman

10. She loves to party and have a good time When she goes out, she has a fabulous time. If you don’t know how to dance, she’ll show you.

9. Very passionate when mad When she is mad, you may not understand what she is saying. It’s a mixture of dialect; English; head, neck and hand movements; and a whole heap of attitude.

8. Expressive eyes She can roll her eyes at various angles to reveal her emotions.

7. You’ll enjoy her tasty cooking Food preparation is one elaborate production and her cooking is delicious.

6. She refers to people as “Aunty”, “Uncle” and “Mom”. She uses “Aunty”, “Uncle”, and even “Mom” regularly. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she is referring to members of her family. It’s a term used to show endearment and respect for elders. For example, a special neighbour or her mom’s friend may be known as “Aunty”.

5. Family means a lot to her If you’re not from the Caribbean, spending time with family may be a routine relegated to Thanksgiving and Christmas time. A Caribbean woman will introduce you to members of her family and spend lots of time with them, all year round.

4. She has a “sweet mouth” and is hospitable She likes to use darling, baby, honey, sugar plum, and other affectionate words when speaking. She can meet someone for the first time and will make them feel appreciated and welcomed.

3. Prefers home remedies When sick, she prefers to use home remedies passed on to her by family members first, before running to the doctor or pharmacy.

2. She is very independent It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate a man’s support but rather than waiting on a man to get something done, she’ll do it herself. This is how she was raised from childhood.

1.You’ll have an entertaining life You won’t have a dull moment. You’ll learn dialect, listen to various genres of music and be introduced to other aspects of her vibrant culture.