Trinidad murder victim’s son fatally shot

Sebastian Julien

Just over two years after his father was fatally shot close to his home, 28-year-old Sebastian “Buju” Julien was killed in similar circumstances on Monday in Diego Martin.

Julien was sitting under the shed of an auto garage at the corner of Unity Springs and Unity Road in Richplain shortly after midday when a group of men dressed in clothes resembling police uniforms with the markings “Police” ran up to him and opened fire.

An eyewitness said the gunmen, who were wearing ski masks, ran down a track from the hills and ambushed Julien, shooting him about ten times in the head and upper body.

“One of the men put his foot on Buju head and kept shooting him in the head while he lay on the ground.

It was two to dead but the other man had just walk away to go to the shop . . . he lucky but not Buju, he dead just like his father two years ago,” the eyewitness said.

Julien’s mother, Theresa Francis, said her son was innocent in any and everything he did. Asked if his murder was linked to his father’s she said: “Yes, but, I don’t really know why. They always threatening my son and I believe that it is the same people who killed his dad came and kill my son. Just recently them people came out of jail.

“It have no justice in this country. I still waiting for justice for Anthony, now they come and take my little boy. He was the baby, the last of three.”

Francis said her son, a father of one, moved into her home at Upper Richplain and would often go to Unity Road to visit his older brother.

Julien’s father, Anthony, 52, who at the time was leading a fundraising drive to save the life of one of his children when he was shot dead near a village parlour after returning from liming with friends at about 8 pm.

In that incident, the gunman walked into the parlour pretending to be a customer and shot Anthony. That killing was believed to have stemmed from an altercation with a neighbour.

And police are investigating a separate killing in Belmont after a 29-year-old man was shot dead.

According to reports, Akeido O’Garro, also known as Gully, was gunned down along the step off Serraneau Road, Belmont shortly before 5 pm.

Residents told investigators that several shots were heard in the area and when they checked, they found O’Garro’s body sprawled across the steps.

O’Garro, a father of one, lived at Green Drive.