Trinidad: Bandit shot dead during attempted robbery of jew­el­ry store

Jagdeo Seecharan shows where bandits broke the showcase at Savi Classic Jewellery, Couva yesterday.

A day­light rob­bery was foiled when two ban­dits be­lieved to be in their ear­ly 20s from Long­denville and Rio Claro re­spec­tive­ly were shot by se­cu­ri­ty guards as they at­tempt­ed to rob Savi’s Clas­sic Jew­el­ry lo­cat­ed on the cor­ner of Noel Street and South­ern Main Road, Cou­va on Tues­day.

One of the ban­dits from Long­denville was fa­tal­ly shot in his up­per body and died at the store while the oth­er was rushed to the Cou­va Dis­trict Health Fa­cil­i­ty for treat­ment for bul­let wound to his low­er legs.

Jagdeo Seecha­ran, broth­er of the own­er, said af­ter open­ing the busi­ness around 10 am, two ban­dits en­tered the build­ing around 11 am.

One of the ban­dits point­ed a gun at the head of the work­er and broke open a glass case.

Seecha­ran said when Ram­s­ingh saw what was tak­ing place she ran in­to the of­fice.

Se­cu­ri­ty guards on du­ty be­came alert to what was tak­ing place and an ex­change of gun­fire took place.

Seecha­ran said de­spite the store be­ing a stone’s throw away from the po­lice sta­tion it has been bur­galarised three times in the re­cent past.

Ram­c­hand Ra­jbal-Maraj, the head of the Cou­va Point Lisas Cham­ber of Com­merce, said the pub­lic has lost faith in the po­lice.

He said that in the last sev­en days there had been a state of rob­beries in the Cou­va area and res­i­dents are run­ning scared.

Ra­jbal-Maraj said the po­lice sta­tion is ill-equipped to deal with the rapid­ly ex­pand­ing pop­u­la­tion in Cou­va.

Cou­va South MP Rudranath In­dars­ingh said he is still to see the joint po­lice and army pa­trols in Cou­va that were promised to him by the prime min­is­ter al­most three years ago.

In­dars­ingh said that in his opin­ion, the whole of Cou­va has be­come a hotspot and was de­mand­ing an­swers from the au­thor­i­ties as to how the gov­ern­ment is deal­ing with the bal­loon­ing crime prob­lem.

In­dars­ingh said the com­mis­sion­er of po­lice is card­ed to meet with stake­hold­ers next Wednes­day at the Cou­va South con­stituen­cy hall at 3.30 pm.