Uganda announces ‘Kill the Gays’ bill to bring death penalty to homosexuals

President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni supports the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill

Uganda has planned to reinstate a bill in which homosexuals will be given death penalty. The regulation also called “Kill the Gays” bill was abolished 5 years before. However, the government is planning now to revive it in weeks. Simon Lokodo, Ethics and Integrity Minister said that Homosexuality is unnatural to Ugandans. However, Gay people were seen spreading false things in schools like people are born like that.

He further said that Our law is limited and criminalizes the act. Anyone who is involved in promotion and recruitment must be criminalized. And will be given death sentence if involved in these acts. Simon Lokodo added that this bill will be presented in the parliament in coming year and will be voted on the end of the year. While this bile is also supported by President Yoweri Museveni. Same bill was not approved in 2014. He also said, we are talking to the MPs and several are supportive.

The nations of Africa have most prohibitive regulations about homosexuality such as Uganda. Any form of homosexuality is taken as crime in the whole continent. And punishments for this crime ranges from imprisonment to death. Brunei also imposed the death penalty for gay sex, backtracked only after strong criticism. The Kill the Gays’ bill was overturned by Uganda’s constitutional court in 2014 as it recommends death penalty for homosexuality.

Gay sex is punishable for life imprisonment under British colonial law, and activists also said that the new bill risked unleashing attacks. Zahra Mohamed (Toronto-based charity Stephen Lewis Foundation) said that if this bill will be brought again then it will give spike in atrocities and discrimination.

After bringing same bill as Uganda by Brunei, it was criticized by various countries and celebrities also like actor George Clooney condemned a law permitting whipping and stoning to death. This thing led Brunei to extend a moratorium on the death punishment for homosexuality in May. after anti-gay remarks by a senior official in Tanzania, Denmark stopped its $10 million aid in last November. When “Kill the Gays” bill was off by Museveni in 2014, Uganda received extensive international condemnation. The US imposed visa restrictions, decreased aid, and cancelled military exercises. The World Bank, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands also redirected or suspended aid.

Lokodo also said, we are ready for any negative response. we cannot bow before people who are imposing a culture which is foreign to us. Pepe Julian Onziema (Sexual Minorities Uganda) said its members were scared of the bill. He further added this law whipped up homophobic sentiment and hate crimes when it was presented last time.

Various LGBT+ people left the country as refugees since they were being forced and more will follow if this regulation is endorsed. This year, in Uganda One female transgender and 3 gay men were murdered in homophobic attacks and in the last week a male gay was bludgeoned to death.