Jamaica: 2-year-old among six shot off Waltham Park Road

Police on the scene of Thursday evening’s drive-by shooting on Bowens Road.

(JAMAICA STAR) – “Any how mi did dung deh mi would a get shot up enuh,” a female resident of Bowens Road said as word spread that six persons, including a two-year-old, were shot about 6:30 p.m. in the community, located off Waltham Park Road in St Andrew.

According to residents, they were at their regular chill spot when a grey car drove up and occupants inside it opened fire.

Of the six, one woman who was unidentified up to press time was pronounced dead at hospital.

Another was in critical condition and the two-year-old had been transported to the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

The area is currently under a State of Public Emergency, but according to one man, Bowens Road and surrounding communities were at peace, and this attack has shattered that lovingness the people started 2020 with.

“Look how the place did nice and thing and the man dem come and mash it up. A good thing no ball (football) nuh deh yah because anyhow ball did deh yah, the man dem would a come pan the ball field and cause more damage,” the man said. “No ball nah buy fi now because the place just mash up now.”

They said that it seemed the men were watching the area before the incident because where the attack happened, soldiers had recently patrolled there.

“The soldier dem always a walk round and dem very present inna the place. It obvious seh the man dem a watch enuh because as the soldier dem move off dem attack. And the man dem so wicked, dem nuh partial, because all the likkle baby dem shot. Mi bawl when mi hear,” one man said.

“When di man dem do weh dem a do and the car speed off, a police car a come down the road same time and it fly past dem. Dem a go stop my bredrin and ask him a wah happen. If a did soldier, dem couldn’t pass because at dem hour yah, if you a drive wid you window tint up, dem a jook you dung and search you,” another said.