This Recipe – Heals Knees, Bones and Joints

Eighty percent of people have back, bone or joint pain once in a lifetime. Pine can be the result of poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, genetic inheritance, lean muscle mass, trauma, overweight and old age. We know that the process is aging when we begin to feel pain in our joints and in foreign parts of the body. One of the first signs of aging is wrinkle. But what we started for the first time is the pain in our joints and bones. We all meet many older people who can barely walk. This is because most of the pain reaches the knee and asks them; It is painful intense!

The knees are the base that supports our entire body when we are standing or walking. Therefore, you can imagine the amount of pressure that your knees must withstand daily. Due to this pressure, they are more likely to suffer damage for many years. They will gradually lose their flexibility, which reduces the ability to complete daily tasks.
While there are many treatments in the medical field, natural remedies are always better if they do not leave any side effects on your body. We take care of you and give you this natural cure so that it works like a miracle in your pain. The medication continued on a regular basis to achieve better results.



  • Half an inch of ginger (grated)
    Hot olive oil – 1/2 cup or apple cider vinegar – 1 cup
    Cayenne pepper powder – 2 tablespoons


Take a small bowl and add 1/2 hot olive oil or 1 cup of cider vinegar. Remember to use extra virgin olive oil and raw cider vinegar. These can produce faster and more efficient results. Finally, add half an inch of grated ginger and 2 cayenne pepper peppers in the same bowl. The ingredients must mix well to make a thick.


once you have prepared the recipe, place the paste on the knees and joints and other painful massages for a few seconds. Do not overlook the area. You got to leave it for about 20 minutes before rinse with warm water. In addition, there are ingredients that heat the distance and there is little inflammation, but do not panic, that is your medical procedure. Apply regularly and you will notice a significant reduction in your pain.