US: Maryland police officer who killing of handcuffed man charged with murder

Cpl Michael Owen Jr shot the handcuffed man seven times, police say

A police officer in the US province of Maryland has been charged with murder in the lethal shooting of a man who had been handcuffed inside a watch vehicle. Corporal Michael Owen Jr, a 10-year police power veteran, shot and kill William Green, 43, seven times on Monday night in Temple Hills, police say. Police were responding to calls that a driver had struck different vehicles and was associated with being intoxicated.

According to the Prince George’s County Police Department, Cpl Owen and another officer were sent to the territory – a suburb of Washington DC – at about 19:20 nearby time on Monday (00:20 GMT Tuesday). Subsequent to being exhorted by witnesses, they moved toward Green who was in a vehicle close by. Green was expelled from his vehicle, handcuffed and set in the passenger seat of the watch vehicle as the officers sat tight for a medication acknowledgment master.

Cpl Owen at that point entered the watch vehicle and sat beside Green. A brief timeframe later, Green, who had his hands behind his back, was shot multiple times for reasons that were all the while being investigated, according to police. The officers gave therapeutic assistance to Green, who was taken to a medical clinic where he later kicked the bucket.

“I have presumed that what happened the previous evening is a wrongdoing,” police boss Hank Stawinski told correspondents under 24 hours after the shooting occurred. “There are no conditions under which this result is satisfactory.” Cpl Owen didn’t have a body camera, and the police power said they were presently equipping all officers with it. He was charged with second-degree murder, willful and involuntary manslaughter, first-degree ambush and utilization of a gun to carry out a brutal wrongdoing.

Police initially said that officers had reacted to reports Monday night in Temple Hills, south of Washington, that a driver had slammed his vehicle into a few vehicles. Officials said they speculated the driver — later recognized as Green — of being high on the hallucinogen PCP. Stawinski said on Tuesday, notwithstanding, that police never again trusted PCP was involved.

Green was arrested and handcuffed with his arms behind his back. Police said initially that Green had been lashed into the front seat of a police cruiser, however Stawinski said he was unable to state with certainty that Green was seat-belted at the hour of the shooting. The realities about what occurred next remain dim. Police on Monday said there was a battle inside the cruiser before Green’s passing, saw by two observers. Be that as it may, Stawinski said he was unable to prove the observers’ records of the tussle.

Mr. Stawinski said. He was arrested and it was not promptly clear in the event that he had a legal counselor. In an announcement, Deborah Jeon, lawful executive for the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland, stated: “There is no motivation behind why a handcuffed individual ought to ever be shot on various occasions by a police officer, not to mention shot on different occasions inside a watch vehicle.”

She included it was “totally unsatisfactory” that the area’s police officers despite everything didn’t have body cameras and that the police office was under scrutiny by the Department of Justice after allegations from its own police officers of “fostering a culture of prejudice”.



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