Monday, January 25, 2021

Trinidad allowing sex offenders registry to be made public

From the 31st of January 2020, various personal details and other information about sexual offenders can be collected and displayed on an online website for the masses to have access to their names, addresses, photographs and knowledge about various crimes committed.
The Commissioner of Police also has the authority to publicise this information about these offenders, so that the public can better protect themselves.
The new law about sexual offenders also allows the victims of these unholy crimes to seek certain forms of counterclaim from their offenders.
In a statement issued yesterday, the ministry of the attorney general and legal affairs claimed that the much anticipated law took its toll at the end of last month and it marked the first time in history that such drastic measures has been taken to deal with these sexual offences.
In line with the office of the attorney general, “sexual offenders will face the full wrath of the law which is aimed at chastising, punishing and shaming rapists, paedophiles and other individuals with the potential of commiting sexual crimes.”
The attorney journal also added that “the rate at which sexual crimes and assaults are committed in society are more frequent than usual. Even the most savage and brutal attacks against women, children, and the elderly has become a norm in society. From statistics, sexual crimes are the second most commited crimes, coming after first degree murder.”
The police department recorded at least 29 commited sexual crimes all related mainly against children of ages below 15, the total sexual assaults recorded, according to police records climaxed a total of 44 charges. This was only last month.
This further confirmed their suspiscions about the rampant increase in sexual crime rates.
The ministry also stated that the Government stands firm in their roles to abolish all forms of criminality, and that the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act, of 2019 is another way by which the Government hopes to identify and dissolves heinous crimes through new rules and regulations.
It also stated that through the amendment act, law enforcement agencies will be more equipped to identify, track, and monitor offenders, who must constantly check in at the police station and provide any and all essential information about themselves, most especially fingerprints and DNA records.
When victims of these sexual crimes contact certain forms of sexually transmitted infections, they are more than welcome to request for a compensation from the offenders.
The law also takes the protection of children against sexual assaults into consideration by increasing the number of persons who must report to various law enforcement agencies or child care services cases of sexual harassment on a compulsory basis. Failure to do so will attract certain consequences.
The office of the attorney general also added that the previous laws put in place to protect women and children against these sexual offenders were inconsistent, biased and not enforced.
The office also mentioned that, “between the year 2000–2019, there was a total of 1, 693 persons who were convicted of sexual abuse, but a total number of zero individuals from these convicted persons were registered in a sexual offenders registry.”
The ministry further affirmed that the new laws, poses a clear and sound warning to any sexual predator. It went ahead to tell us that the courts of law, law enforcement agencies and the society are now “empowered to dish out justice and punishment to these culprits of these vile and abhorrent crimes.”

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