Thursday, January 21, 2021

He beat coronavirus with ‘hot whisky and honey’ UK teacher claims

Connor Reed, a British teacher of English Language, allegedly claims to have cured himself of Corona Virus using hot whisky and honey.
As the first UK citizen to be diagnosed of the virus, the 25-year-old also claimed that the Foreign Office of Britain acted indifferently when he phoned them to inform them that he had contracted the disease.
The Sun reports in accordance with his claims that he was bedridden for a couple of months in Wuhan, China, a major town where the disease has led to the death of nearly 400 people.
Although he admitted that he was scared that the disease meant death for him, he also rejected the antibiotics offered to him and resorted to an inhaler instead, alongside a drink of hot whisky with honey.
Connor said he use an old-fashioned remedy and it seemed to do the trick, and he is proof coronavirus can be beaten.
“He said he was stunned when the doctors give him the news that he was suffering from the virus. He thought He was going to die but he beat it.”
Reed relocated to Wuhan some time last year to work in China as an English language teacher. After a severe spell of coughing excruciatingly couldn’t allow him breath properly, he opted to run a medical test.
Speaking also on his cat that suffered and died of the same virus, he said, “My kitten caught the feline coronavirus and developed pneumonia and died, but I don’t think I caught it from her. I think that was just coincidence.”
Regarding the frenzy the virus is stirring in Wuhan, Reed said, “The authorities are really worried about how to contain this and stop it spreading.”
Reed’s claim of his cat dying from the virus is at the moment a speculation since there exists no proof now that pets could be affected directly by the infection.

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