Saturday, January 23, 2021

Jamaican farmer bludgeons wife to death, after sleepless nights, commits suicide

Reports from a family member of the Jamaican man who committed suicide by
poisoning himself after killing his wife say that he was filled with rage and grieved. The family member
who wanted her identity withheld said the man’s partner moved out and wanted to bring an end to
their relationship.
The man, a 45 year old farmer by name Phillip Reid, is said to have had and endured many sleepless
nights after his wife, Salema Reid, moved out. He was determined she wasn’t going to leave him and
killed her with a mortar stick.
A total of five children were made orphans in the wake of the incident that happened last Friday
afternoon. The entire district of Anston, Darliston, Westmoreland, was also thrown into shock from both the murder and suicide.
The niece, who spoke about the incident and speaking in Patois, said that his wife’s moving out seems to have affected him badly. According to her, his oldest son said from the time “Coolie” (Salema) moved out, his father couldn’t sleep. He would wake up in the middle of the night only to find his father up and sitting down by himself in the house.
She further added that she had not seen anything as stupid as the incident. She referred to her uncle as a calm man who never gave anyone troubles.
Mr. Reid was preparing to go back to the farm work program in Canada in just a few weeks. He had
returned from it late last year and had plans of returning said the niece who was still in shock from the incident.
Reports say that Mrs. Salema Reid had gone to the family’s home to move out for good and that she had been accompanied by her mother as well as one of her children’s fathers. In the statement by Mr. Reid’s niece, the late Mrs. Reid had gone back to the home that Friday morning to collect her belongings which she didn’t carry along when she earlier left. There was a heated argument between the both of them.
Mr. Reid tock a mortar stick, hit her on the head, and ran into the bush just below the house.
The niece and others ran into the house to carry Mrs. Reid, took her to the hospital but she didn’t make it out alive.
They returned from the hospital around 3 o’clock and began looking for her uncle everywhere in the
compound but there was no sight of him. His mother then rushed into the bush only to find him
groaning. He too was rushed to the hospital but did not also make it, the niece said.

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