Chinese man threatens to kill himself after coronavirus cancels his birthday dinner

The coronavirus created it a reallysad birthday for one Chinese man, World Health Organization doused himself with gasolene and tied firecrackers around his waist once authorities canceled his party amid a ban on public gatherings.

The 59-year-old wishedto carry a banquet with ten tables within the southwest town of metropolis on Jan. 28, howevernativeofficers battling the epidemic place the block on his plans, state news organisation Xinhua accordingweekday.

But once he did notmodification their minds 2 days before the bash, he wrapped firecrackers around his body, poured gas on his chest and delayed a lighter in an endeavor to threaten them into agreeing, per Reuters.

“The actions prevented city and village cadres from ending epidemic interference and management work,” Xinhua aforesaid, adding that ten patients visiting a clinic on a lower level of a municipal building additionally had been affected.