5-star luxury resort begins development on St. Vincent mainland

St. Vincent and The Grenadines are currently embarking on their most exciting tourism project since the beginning of time. The Royal Mill Hotel Luxury Resort and Residences will most likely be the most renowned private community and praise worthy contender among exotic resorts in the region.

The construction of this exotic building was announced officially by the investor A&A Capital at the hallmark of the groundbreaking ceremony. Rumours about the social and economic value of the hotel to the island has been a main source of discussion among government officials, investors, contractors and the general public.

Ever since the onset of the building project of the hotel, it has attracted a huge number of investments from investors all over the world, which the government believes will have a lot of benefits to the people of St.Vincent and Grenadines.

The prime minister, Honorable Ralph Gonsalves believes that the Royal Mill is one of the most largest private sector tourism investment centre in the country, with a huge return on investment (ROI), which will inevitably increase the growth potential of the local tourism industry and economy:

“The building project is being undertaken at the most ideal location. Visitors and natives of the property can delight in the attractive views of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and also visit and patronize restaurants, night clubs that are just a stone’s throw away from the hotel, and participate in the never ending and thrilling social activities. More than 400 families throughout the island are said to benefit from the hotel, directly or indirectly. I expect a drastic change in our efforts to create wealth in our economy via tourism centres, either through direct employment, taxes and National Insurance contributions”

“Although St. Vincent and the Grenadines got into the mass tourism market a bit late, still, it is obvious that our country’s product has an excellent standing in society, this was proven true by other hotels in the country. In a nutshell, I hope and believe that the Royal Mill will be a great contribution to the masses of St. Vincent and the Grenadines”

The entire project costs 60 million U.S dollar. It is a world-class building that comprises 15 single and secure private residence homes, the resort has 18 world class apartment units and 2 rooftop penthouse units. In addition, the building will also consist of a business centre, a conference room, a gymnasium, an aqua centre, an lovely spa centre, a pool area and bar for relaxation, a lounge facing the ocean, a rooftop bar and a restaurant, also parking spaces for over sixty (60) vehicles.

Alex Lodde, a main investor in the project and co-founder of A & A Capital, said in his brief address, that the company has partnered in many successful business ventures, including three hotels/residences.

“he said, i am delighted to see the progress of this new development, co-operation and assistance rendered by the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines towards the project. I so much anticipate the completion of this new project and i hope it brings a the desired socio-economic growth the country needs”.

On my visit to St. Vincent to commence the Royal Mill Hotel project, the developers desired another productive investment that was directed at regional business and foreign investors.

Furthermore, the Royal Mill Hotel has successfully acquired the Grand View Hotel owned by a reputable family in the country. Renovation of the 20 room boutique hotel, that comprised a gym, spa, conference centre, restaurants and a beach bar have already begun. This renovated building will be strategically positioned for tourists, regional travelers, business enthusiasts and corporations with the intention of hosting conferences on the island. The building is also designed to accommodate wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and other social and special events. The Grand View Hotel was located in a scenic location while overlooking the ocean. Currently, certain things are been put in place to ensure the property is ready to receive visitors by April 2020″.

In charge of this mind blowing venture is a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals, they operate with unity and sequence, “using the right people for the job together thst are capable of challenging established thinking and improve growth”.

Adem Adem, the CEO and Co-Founder of A&A Capital, says he is excited about the completion of the Royal Mill Hotel and the magnificent changes in the country over the years. He claims to anticipate the establishment of communities and sectors that will profit every individual in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I occassionally visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines and I never thought that I would see this day where our dreams can come true. I am thankful for the contributions of my team, the support of family and the opened arms of the people of St. Vincent and Grenadines.”

“However, bear in mind that the most essential aspect of the project is to ensure that the people of the country profit from a washed up economy that workers are safe and secure while working at the hotel. The hotel will definitely rest in the hearts of future generations of St Vincent and Grenadines”

For a long time now, the region has painfully endured the negative effects of unfinished hotel investments which has left many heart broken, and worst missed opportunities to improve the economic status of the country. The CEO of A&A Capital, Adem, proclaims that the company is entirely dedicated to the completion and longevity of the development.

“One evidence of commitment is, the different levels of employment is already been actualized, and the purchase and importation of millions of dollars worth of equipment and material, that will be used for construction of the hotel, and also used by the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We stumbled accross the need for heavy-duty equipment for the construction process, and also believed that the country can benefit from our resources as well. We also went as far as to purchase integral materials, worth over 10 million dollars to smoothen the completion of the hotel”

Two instrumental characters are essential for the completion of the Royal Mill Hotel project, they are Raffique and Jeanne Dunbar, Directors of A&A Capital – St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The duo has delighted in over a decade long term partnership with the investors. When they returned from the U.S to live in St. Vincent, the pair discovered the socio-economic potential of the country, and initiated the investment process.

“We concluded that we just don’t want to come home to stay, but to make a difference in the lives of the cizitens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We are patriots of our country and we love its citizens; so we knew that this would have been an amazing opportunity. So, in combination with our Partners in A&A Capital, we discussed the relevance of the project and have now begun this amazing journey to establish the largest Tourism project on St Vincent”

The bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (BOSVG) has also stated its position in the ongoing project. The bank, via its Managing Director Derry Williams, has acted as a main investor in the project, and has also idenified the benefits of the project, and the commitment of the bank’s contribution to the project to ensure that the project is a success. As the largest and most substantial bank in the country, BOSVG understands that the assurance of the public in investment projects is very important when backing a venture.

“As a bank, we must ensure that our investors are safe and secured when coming into any unknown to take risks in investments. Our job is not just about processing the investor’s transactions efficiently, but also providing meaningful responses from the banking society, the direction of the economy and the government policies. The desire, zeal and effort needed to develop St. Vincent and the Grenadines were also relevant. A&A Capital has proven to have the desired commitment needed to ensure the cimpletion of the project”.

Obviously , the government and natives of St. Vincent and the Grenadines constantly strive to monitor the progress of the project to verify that it falls in concert with its promise to promote economic growth and development of the country. St. George Camillo Gonsalves, minister of finance is excited that the investors have kept to their word and have begun construction of the project, and has also recognised their efforts in the construction process, in order to meet the 2020 deadline. He patiently awaits the completion of the project and hopes it is finished as soon as possible.

He claims he is excited about the transformation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and how grateful he is to construction of such a magnificent hotel. He said the hotel is going to be a game changer for the government and its citizens, especially in areas of employment of workeres needed in the hotel, since they will consist primarily of the natives of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Finance Minister stated that this is the exact type of tourism the country needs and wants to leverage on; a tourist center that brings people into the island and will produce spin offs that will greatly benefit from he country.

The Royal Mill Hotel has contributed greatly to not only with the economic and social aspects of the country, but also to the cultural landscape of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Because the hotel is been built on the historic RathoMill site, it creates a sense of cultural romanticism especially with the two names – Royal Mill and RathoMill. The RathoMill landscape is primarily the base of a slave plantation with the mill still visible on site. Today it removes feelings of despondency and promotes economic optimism in the country.

“It is a bit aesthetic knowing that you have something that has a legacy of pain, conflict and trauma, and then you transform and reinvent it into something so unique like in the area of hospitality; It’s a wonderful circle to live in.

Its amazing that the hotel will be built by Vincentians, its employers/emplpyees will be skilled Vincentians and the benefits will be claimed by the Vincentian community”

One beneficiary of the building project is local business owner Lorne Leslie of Bequia. He supervises a construction company called Caribbean Home Builders Inc. His company has partnered in large construction projects in Bequia and employs a number of Vincentians from the mainland and from Bequia.

“This project is by far the most thrilling project we have ever been involved in and I can appreciate the excitement and zeal my team has shown towards the project. We decided to accept the challenge and we will ensure its completion”.

“Because of the immense efforts efforts and money spent by investors in this project, it is going to be a major game changer for our country an it’s citizens “.

Currently, the number of workers at the construction site is about 70 workers. This number is said to increase immensely to over 200 workers in the proceeding months. Local employments from the project includes site engineers, foremen, masons, carpenters and other labourers. People from St. Vincent, including women are employed solely because of this project.

Jennifer Wilkinson, who hails from Arnos Vale, is an immediate benefactor from the Royal Mill Hotel development project. This proud mother of two children also works as a steel bender in Arnos Vale. She is currently benefiting from the economic impact being realized because of the ongoing employment on the site of the hotel’s project.

Because of this project, Jennifer and others like her who were previously unemployed has gotten employment. Many of these people are able to cater for themselves and their families, like Jennifer, because of this project. The employed citizens have shown their sincerest gratitudes towards the government and investors of the this project.

The Royal Mill residence aspect of the project is expected to be completed by December 2020, while the Hotel section, currently at the grassroots level is due for mid-2022.