Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Trinidad woman body riddled with bullets died, daughter injured

Hearing about the death of one’s child is truly a tragic experience. Sadly this fate was visited on Kalima Khan aged 63 when she woke up to a phone call, telling her that her daughter had been shot and killed, while her granddaughter suffered from gunshot injuries and was in critical condition at a hospital.
Kalima couldn’t hep but cry as the undertakers carried away the body of her daughter Allana Mohammed from the scene of the murder that Thursday morning at Dass Trace Branch Road in Enterprise.
It was revealed that Mohammed had just returned from a 6 day long vacation with her husband at about 1am that day, only to be killed 5 hours later.
Police described the murder as a hit, and was probably carried out to send a message to ine her family members.
Mohammed, whose younger sister is a member of the Inter-Agency Task Force was shot dead by unknown gunmen at about 6am while she was leaving her home in a black Toyota Corolla as she was leaving to drop her teen daughter in school.
The car was reported to have been shot more than 6 times as the police recovered 12 bullet casings from the crime scene.
While Mohammed died at the scene, the daughter aged 13 only suffered injuries and was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Complex in Mount Hope accompanied by her father where she is being attended to.
Police investigation have revealed that the perpetrators of this act were well informed on the whereabouts of Allana Mohammeda and knew where she’d be at that particular time.
Her husband (a car deal and money lender) and and son reported that they were asleep when it all happened.
While the police are yet to establish motive for this act, they speculate that it was meant to send a message to a close relative where it is believed that a business transaction had gone wrong. The police won’t reveal anymore information at this time a as they described their findings as ‘sensitive’.
Mohammed’s mother, Kalima has stated that she doesn’t know any reason why her daughter was targeted as she described her daughter as a very likeable person with a good heart. She even said that they spoke earlier that morning around 1 am and the conversation seemed quite normal.
All Kalima had to say was “They have taken my daughter away from me, “ before she broke down in tears.
It was reported that Mohammed’s murder was the 71st for that year and about 63 murders were reported in the last year.

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