Canadian prime minister cancels trip to resolve anti-pipeline protests

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau cancelled his already planned trip to Barbados to because he wants to help resolve rail disruptions emanating from indigenous rights activists that are against the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

These activists who have been blocking some of the major railway lines for some time now and they are of the opinion that the pipeline (Coastal Gaslink Pipeline in British Columbia) has caused a shutdown of one of the largest railroad in eastern Canada – Canadian National Railway Company. This has also led to a stall of about 66 vessels on the waters of British Columbia – according to reports by Canadian broadcasting Corporation.

The $4.97Billion dollar pipeline which is the major bone of contention is supposed to convey natural gas from British Columbia to shores of the pacific coast where the gas can then be refined by the TC energy Corporation led Royal Dutch shell plc. (presently under construction) would then refine it.

This protests escalated when some people who were opposing the construction of the pipeline on the traditional land of Wet’suwet’ en community were arrested. This further went on to Ontario where it is feared to have had caused major unrest.

The prime minister announced the cancellation of his trip on Sunday which was supposed to be an avenue for him to pitch why Canada should also be considered in the united nations security council to the Caribbean’s in Barbados. In his place, the foreign affairs Minister – Francois-Phillipe Champagne would be attending the meeting.

There is hope that with the present development and the prime minister stepping in to resolve the issue, there would be a permanent resolution to the issues faced and the railways would be opened for use once again as the ensuing unrest might lead to an economic crisis.