Thursday, January 21, 2021

US: Ohio man claiming to have coronavirus spat in bus driver’s face, cops say

An Ohio man was busted for allegedly spitting in the face of a bus driver while claiming to be infected with the coronavirus, police said.
Walter Caldwell, 44, was issued a summons by Columbus cops late Saturday on charges of assault and misconduct involving a public transportation system after the alleged unsanitary attack, police said.
Caldwell, of Columbus, was “extremely agitated” and appeared ready to fight a Central Ohio Transit Authority bus driver and his supervisor when police responded to the scene, according to a police report.
The bus driver requested that his supervisor meet him along his route after Caldwell ignored instructions several times to take his feet off a seat, police said.
Caldwell then started “shouting profanities” and threatened to assault both the driver and his supervisor as he made his way toward the front of the bus, according to an arrest report.
“Just prior to exiting the bus Mr. Caldwell stated that he had the [coronavirus] and spit into the [driver’s face],” the report states.
Caldwell had tried to stop the driver from shutting the door of the bus with his foot, but was unsuccessful. The driver’s supervisor then advised him to meet up with a nearby ambulance, police said.
Caldwell then started shouting profanities for a second time at the driver as he was being evaluated by medics, according to the police report.
Caldwell received a summons at the scene and is expected back in court on June 8, Columbus police said.
It’s unclear if Caldwell has been tested for COVID-19, Columbus police Sgt. James Fuqua told The Post.
The driver, meanwhile, was told to contact cops should he contract the illness as a result of the incident, according to a police report.
The driver also immediately began a 14-day quarantine as a precaution following the alleged attack, WMCH reports.

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