Friday, January 22, 2021

Battered, half naked body of Venezuelan woman found in Guyana

Police are investigating the murder of a San Felix, Venezuelan woman who was found floating half naked in a mining pit with multiple marks of violence at Big Hope Backdam, Region Seven on Sunday morning.
Dead is 28-year-old Emilia Lezama Fermin.
Police Headquarters reported that she was murdered sometime between Saturday and Sunday. Two suspects, a dredge owner, whom she shared a relationship with and a miner were arrested and remain in Police custody.
According to the Police report, the dredge owner said he left Fermin in the camp cooking at about 19:30h and went drinking at the landing with other workers, including the miner.
Police said at about 21:30h the miner left the gathering saying that he was going to take a bath.
The following morning about 06:30h Fermin’s body was found in the mining pit clad in a blue jersey and no underwear; there were multiple marks of violence.
The investigation is ongoing.

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