Monday, January 25, 2021

Nearly 40 thousand have died of Covid-19 in Africa

The accumulated number of deaths in Africa amounted to 39,740 last Sunday, according to the report of the Center for Disease Prevention (CPE) of the continent.
The total number of infections grew to 1,647,157, with an average that fluctuates between eight thousand and 10 thousand per day, according to the CPE report.
Although shocking, since these are human lives, the death toll of the pandemic in the continent is negligible compared to those shown by other continents and even countries in Europe, Asia and America, whose hygienic conditions are better than those in Africa.
Even more so given the conditions in the vast majority of African countries, marked by unsanitary conditions, overcrowding in both homes and refugee camps due to armed conflicts, drought and the fragility or non-existence of services health, among other causes.
Nairobi, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina)


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