Jamaica sees ‘signs that buoyancy is returning to the tourism sector’

Jamaica‘s Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett commented on the country’s tourism sector, stating: “We are already seeing positive signs that buoyancy is returning to the tourism sector” (Travel Market Report, 12-Nov-2020). He added: “Hotel occupancy rates are slowly inching up.

We will see a 40% increase in arrivals over the winter season when compared with the previous period of our massive downturn”.

Jamaica‘s tourism reactivation was designed with two “resilient corridors” in which all hotels in the corridors have been COVID-19 certified. Mr Bartlett stated: “Travellers can stay in multiple places in the resilient corridor, and visitors can enjoy more of our unique offerings”. The government’s next step to stimulate demand is to introduce a USD40 mandatory insurance covering areas from COVID-19 to natural disasters.

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