Saturday, January 23, 2021

President Díaz-Canel denounces farce against Cuba

(Prensa Latina) Those who created the sham of San Isidro were utterly wrong about the country, wrong about history and wrong about armed forces, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel denounced today.
On his Twitter account, the president wrote Cuba does not accept interference, incitement or manipulations. ‘Our people have courage and morale to fight for the heart of Cuba,’ he live-tweeted.
Díaz-Canel assured that ‘a group is determined to hurt a nation, thus doing everything so that this year, marked by the pandemic and the thousand sanctions of the US blockade, lands up in trouble for Cuba.’
The Cuban president also shared another document from Granma newspaper, where political scientist Enrique Ubieta showed that the so-called San Isidro Movement obeys a media strategy to destabilize the country.
‘San Isidro, is a US reality show event. The US reality show to destroy our identity and submit us afresh. All those plans will be defeated,’ he live-tweeted.
This Movement was demanding the Cuban government to release Denis Solís, who was sentenced to eight months of deprivation of liberty for contempt crime.
Various Cuban intellectuals agree it is just pretext, a story from social networks that seeks to manipulate emotions and create a destabilizing setting in Cuba.
Cuban authorities proved that Solís, who was showed by the media as a censored artist, affirmed in a video he held ties with people who finance violent acts against Cuba including Jorge Luis Fernández, who promised him $200 to comply with his instructions.

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