Monday, January 25, 2021

Trinidad: Missing woman cliff crash search ends in tragedy

The vehicle belonging to a woman reported missing on Wednesday has been found crashed off a cliff in Toco.

Missing: Krystal Primus-Espinoza

In the vehicle were Krystal Primus-Espinoza’s drivers permit and other documents.
The search for missing mom Krystal Primus-Espinoza has ended.
Hours after her vehicle was found crashed off a cliff at Balandra, Toco, today, her body was found on the seashore.
The discovery was made at around 4p.m. by her relatives who confirmed the information with the Express this afternoon.
The body was found about half a mile from the crash site.
The 36-year-old woman went missing on Wednesday morning from her home in Mayaro.
Her vehicle was later found crashed off a cliff in the Toco area, still carrying her driver’s license and the license of her husband, Alvon Espinoza. No one was found near the vehicle.
According to Espinoza who spoke briefly with the Express on Thursday afternoon before the discovery of his wife’s body
He said his wife was last seen at their home in St Ann’s village, Mayaro at around 10.a.m. by her three-year-old daughter. The vehicle found by police was also at the home prior to her disappearance. He added that she did not indicate that she would leave the house in the hours before.
There was an outpouring of concern has come from social media with friends and family praying for her safe return.
“My school-mate Krystal is missing, please help find her, I pray nothing bad happens to her and I pray this is all just a miscommunication with her and family etc. Let her be found okay and in one-piece lord such a beautiful soul since I’ve known her,” wrote one commentor on Facebook.
“I don’t always have the courage for these things. I normally go into a shell with bad news. But we are asking the public of T&T for any information if anyone sees or hears something, please please please contact any one of the numbers. My niece in law Krystal Primus-Espinoza such a wonderful caring kind hearted person has gone missing since yesterday am. Her vehicle was found but she’s still missing. God we know you are in charge but there are always some unguided moments,” said another.
Father God please show up in this situation. You said you are our protector please protect Krystal Primus-Espinoza wherever she may be. Lost for words,” wrote another.


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