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9 Surprising Benefits Of Soursop

Soursop is considered a wonder plant in many quarters due to its many health benefits. In fact, all the various parts of the plant have beneficial uses ranging from anti-parasitic properties, sedative, boosting of the immune system, pain relief and many more.

You might not have seen the soursop tree before, but you most likely have seen or eaten the fruit. The fruit is green in color with spines on the outside.
The inside is succulent white with a sugary pleasant taste. It takes more like a combination of the sweetness of pineapple and strawberry.

It is commonly sold in fruits and vegetable stands in shops and supermarkets. The tree is an evergreen plant that goes by the scientific name Annona muricate, and it is common the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and other parts of South America. It is commonly grown by people for personal consumption in Africa, South America, and other parts of the world.

The Soursop is the largest plant among the Annona family. It is cultivated commercially in some instances and used as raw material in industries.
The fruits are used in the manufacturing of beverages, making desserts, smoothies, candies and also in the formulation of many natural remedies.
The fruit is rich in Vitamins B and Vitamin C, it also has high levels of antioxidants. The seeds are often crushed and combined with the leaves and bark to make herbal remedies for various ailments.
Besides its use to cure several diseases, drinking extracts as tea improves wellbeing due to its high nutritional value.
Let us take some time to consider the various health benefits of this plant.

Parasite Control
This plant has a poweful anti-parasitic property. This is why it is commonly used in regions of South America as a remedy for infections of parasites in the gut. The brew from the leaves are efficient in expelling parasites from the intestine and for the cleansing of the gastrointestinal system.

It is not uncommon to suffer from inflammation of the joints due to stress and hard work. Applying the decoction from this plant on affected regions works well for treatment of inflammation, arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. It heals the affected areas quickly, soothes the pain and improves flexibility.

Respiratory problems
Inflammations of the regions of the mouth, throat, and nasal areas often leads to cough, catarrh, and other health conditions that affect the respiratory tracts. The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are useful in providing relief to such health conditions by alleviating nasal congestion and soothing irritation. It acts as a cough syrup and expects phlegm and mucus which serves as breeding regions for disease causing organisms.

Treatment of Insomnia
Locals from different parts of the world have identified the soothing properties of tea extract from the Soursop plant. Therefore, it has been used for centuries to relieve stress and anxiety. As a result, it provides relief for health anomalies that are related to stress such as insomnia, restlessness, and headache. Soursop tea is an effective remedy for relaxation for those suffering from anxiety.

The pulverized seeds of the Soursop fruits contain active components that can be used as anti-aging formations. They have been applied to reduce aging lines, wrinkles, reduce spots and blemishes and improve the glowing of the skin. Besides improving the appearance of the skin, it is also useful as an antiseptic for prevention of skin infections

Cancer Prevention
The Soursop plant contains acetogenins, quinolones, and some alkaloids which serves antioxidants. These are potent compounds that have been proved to be useful in the prevention of cancer. These compounds have also been shown to reduce the size of tumors in cancer patients. Many research has been carried out that proved that the plant could be a useful alternative treatment for cancer.

One of the facts that makes this plant unique is that the antioxidant called Acetogenins are only found in the Annonaceae plant family. This compound reduces blood flow to regions of abnormal cell growth thereby starving the cells to death. Research has proved that the plant is effective in the treatment of various carcinogenesis growths in the lungs, prostate, breast, and pancreas.

Body Immune Enhancement
Some of the avenues of boosting the immune system are a healthy diet and an active lifestyle through exercise. The Soursop fruit is rich in Vitamins that stimulates the production of white blood cells which forms the natural body defense system. Besides, the antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals and enhance healthy cell growth. These dual functions help in the prevention of diseases. Adding this fruit to your diet is an effective way of strengthening the body immune system.

Colon Cleansing
The colon and other parts of the gastrointestinal system serve as a breeding ground for all types of parasites and bacteria. The juice from the fruit of this plant is a powerful diuretic that can please the colons and other parts of the gut. This process helps remove parasites and harmful microbial organisms from the body system. It also helps detoxify the body by expelling toxins and salts that are produced by parasites that live in the gut. The alkaloids and quinolones present in the plant reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort in the stomach regions.

Alleviates Pain
For centuries, the fluid extract from this plant has been used as a topical analgesic. It is applied to wounds and injuries to relieve pain and prevent inflammation. Moreover, the plant is a natural sedative which makes it useful for reducing all types of pain.

Closing note.
Although alternative treatments that make use of herbs are known to be active and some of their properties have been tested clinically. It is recommended to always consult a professional medical practitioner for advice before embarking on a treatment regimen using alternative medicine. A typical example is using this plant as a cancer remedy; seek advice from various quarters before starting a treatment regimen.

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