Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hospitalization for Covid-19 in the US sets a new record

Hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in the United States today report a new historical record, with more than 121 thousand people in those institutions throughout the country, and now specialists fear a collapse in care medical.

According to the website The Hill, there are also more than 22,500 patients in intensive care, and if the trend continues to increase, the capacity in hospitals could be overwhelmed.

This would force these institutions to ‘ration care,’ doctor Jinathan Reiner of the George Washington University Hospital told CNN.

Arkansas, Texas and North Carolina have reported the highest peaks in hospitalizations in recent days since the start of the pandemic, especially in intensive care, says The Hill.

According to the digital tracker Worldmeters, the total number of positive cases for Covid-19 in the United States already exceeds 19 million 700 thousand and there are more than 343 thousand deaths.

The leading expert on infectious diseases in the northern nation, Anthony Fauci, warned since the beginning of the month about the increase in infections as people travel and gather for the holidays.

He also projected that many areas will again need drastic closure measures and suspension of some activities, due to the regrowth.

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